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Welcome to the world of guaranteed rental income, where we at Whiteley & Sonn strive to make your life as a property owner not only financially rewarding but also stress-free. Our mission is to provide unparalleled rental management services, maximizing your rental income while maintaining your property in pristine condition.

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Guaranteed Rent 

Our guaranteed rent service provides property owners with a reliable and consistent income stream. By expertly managing your investment property, we ensure optimal occupancy rates and rental income, taking the stress out of property ownership and allowing you to enjoy financial stability and peace of mind.

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10% Flat Fee

For property owners who prefer more access to their Investment rental, our 10% flat Short Term Rental management fee offers a perfect solution. This service includes essential aspects such as marketing, guest vetting, and customer support, enabling you to retain your peace of mind while benefiting from our industry expertise & proven strategies.

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Welcome to Whiteley & Sonn, the ultimate solution for stress-free property ownership and even guaranteed rental income.  One of our innovative approaches guarantees rent, providing property owners with a predictable income stream. With our commitment to property care and tailored services, we empower you to capitalize on the booming rental market while maintaining your peace of mind.

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