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About Us

Empowering Your Success with Ingenious Innovations

Welcome to the world of guaranteed rental income, where we at Whiteley & Sonn strive to make your life as a property owner not only financially rewarding but also stress-free. Our mission is to provide unparalleled Rental Management services, maximizing your rental income while maintaining your property in pristine condition. We have developed a unique approach to the Rental Market that guarantees rent to YOU, the landlord. Our innovative business model allows you to reap the benefits of the booming rental market, without any of the hassles associated with being a landlord. 

Guaranteed Rent

The rental market's rapid growth offers property owners a profitable opportunity. Whiteley & Sonn's guaranteed rent program provides a fixed monthly rate with an annual increase, ensuring a stable income regardless of market fluctuations. 

Short-term Rental Management

Our flat 10% management fee service is perfect for clients wanting control over their short-term rental business. We manage marketing, guest vetting, and customer support, while clients maintain control of their furnished property. We request adequate notice for clients returning to their property, ensuring a smooth transition and exceptional service.

Additional Services

Whiteley & Sonn offers full furnishing services, collaborating with interior designers and suppliers to create attractive spaces for short-term renters. Our furnishing packages considers durability and maintenance while staying up-to-date with design trends. We guarantee excellent property care, conducting regular inspections, overseeing maintenance, and vetting guests to ensure a pristine property condition.

Our Story

Once upon a time, there were three adventurers. Their travels took them across the stunning landscapes of South America and Europe, where they stayed in various places along the way. During their journey, they couldn't help but notice the increasing popularity of short-term rental stays among travelers like themselves, who were seeking unique and authentic experiences. As they shared their observations and experiences, they began to formulate a plan to get involved in the short-term rental market upon their return to the West Coast.

Upon their return, they decided to leverage their experience and knowledge to help property owners guarantee a steady income while providing unique accommodation experiences for travelers. They knew that property owners often faced challenges with finding reliable tenants, managing vacancies, and maintaining their properties. With an innovative idea in mind, they decided to pitch the concept of guaranteeing rent to property owners as a way to ease their concerns and generate a steady income stream.

To further enhance their proposal, they included a Short-Term Rental (STR) management service as part of the company's offerings. This service would cater to property owners interested in renting their properties on a short-term basis through platforms like Airbnb. The company would handle all aspects of STR management, from listing creation to guest communication and property maintenance, all for a flat 10% fee.

With the help of many these ideas are here today to help property owners manage their investments. With a strong focus on customer satisfaction and property care, Whiteley and Sonn continued to set new standards in the industry, helping both property owners and travelers create lasting memories through exceptional rental experiences.

Meet The Team

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