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In case you were wondering

Still have questions after going through the site? Want to know something specific? We believe that our FAQs below will be very helpful. If you still have questions, or just want to get to know us better, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Cats at Home

Are Pets Allowed?

The pet policy varies depending on the specific property. Some of our locations welcome pets, while others may have restrictions. We recommend checking the property listing details or contacting us directly for information about the pet policy at your preferred location.

Luxurious Hotel Bed

What are the fees to book directly through your site?

Booking directly through the Whiteley & Sonn website incurs no additional fees. We pride ourselves on transparency and simplicity, ensuring that the price you see is the price you pay, without hidden charges.

Luxurious Bathroom

What are the fees for your Management Services?

At Whiteley & Sonn, our Management Services are structured to provide exceptional value with transparent, straightforward pricing. We charge a monthly service fee of $200, along with a commission of 10% of the gross total rental income. This pricing model ensures that our goals align with yours, focusing on maximizing your property's profitability and smooth operation.

Door Repair

Can I use my maintenance crews?

Yes, at Whiteley & Sonn, we offer flexibility in our services. You are welcome to use your own maintenance crews for the upkeep of your property. We understand the value of trusted relationships and personal preferences in maintaining your investment.

Designer's World

What are the fees for design services?

Our design service fee is calculated at 10% of the gross total cost of furniture and materials. For example, if the total cost of purchasing all necessary items to set up a new Airbnb amounts to $25,000, then our design fee would be $2,500. This fee structure ensures transparent and proportional pricing for our comprehensive design services.

Image by ian dooley

What is the average price to set up a new STR?

The cost of setting up a new STR varies depending on the location and size of the home. Typically, the expenses include the cost to furnish the property, a design fee, and a setup fee. At Whiteley & Sonn, we offer these services as a comprehensive package and à la carte, allowing you to choose what best fits your needs and budget. This flexibility ensures that you can tailor the setup process to your specific property, ensuring optimal cost-effectiveness and design appeal.

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