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Management Services

Welcome to the Management Services page of Whiteley & Sonn, where we redefine the concept of property management. At Whiteley & Sonn, we understand that each property is unique, and so are the needs of every property owner. Our management services are tailored to provide solutions, whether you're looking for reliable income through our innovative Guaranteed Rent Program or seeking expert handling of your short-term rental. Here, we blend meticulous care, market expertise, and a client-focused approach to ensure your property not only thrives but also delivers peace of mind and financial rewards. Discover how our dedicated team works to elevate your property's potential, offering a seamless, stress-free management experience.

Guaranteed Rent Program

Discover the ease and security of property ownership with Whiteley & Sonn's Guaranteed Rent Program, a revolutionary service designed for landlords seeking financial stability and peace of mind. This program offers a unique solution where we guarantee your rental income each month, regardless of occupancy, freeing you from the uncertainties of the rental market. Our comprehensive approach includes managing all aspects of tenant relations, property maintenance, and administrative tasks, ensuring your investment is not only profitable but also stress-free. With Whiteley & Sonn, experience the comfort of a consistent income stream and the assurance that your property is in expert hands, allowing you to focus on enjoying the benefits of your investment without the typical challenges of property management.

Steay Income Stream:

Guaranteed monthly rent payments, regardless of property occupancy, providing financial stability and predictability for landlords.

No Vacancy Concerns: 

Eliminates the worry about finding tenants or losing income due to vacant periods.

Hassle-Free Mangement

Whiteley & Sonn takes over the responsibilities of finding and managing tenants, significantly reducing the landlord's workload.

Property Maintencance & Upkeep

Regular maintenance and emergency repairs are handled by Whiteley & Sonn, ensuring the property remains in top condition without landlord intervention.

Long-Term Security

Offers long-term rental agreements, providing extended financial and operational stability.

Regular Property Inspections

Routine inspections to ensure property upkeep and address any issues proactively.

Reduced Adminstrative Burden

Whiteley & Sonn handles all administrative aspects of property rental, including contracts and legal paperwork.

No Hidden Fees or Charges

Transparent pricing structure without unexpected costs for landlords.

Personalized Services

Tailored approach to each property, considering individual landlord preferences and property specifics.

Seamless Transition

Smooth and efficient onboarding process for landlords joining the program.

Local Regulatory Compliance

Ensures all rentals comply with local housing laws and regulations.

Peace of Mind

Landlords can enjoy peace of mind knowing their investment is professionally managed and generating consistent income.

STR Management

Welcome to Whiteley & Sonn's Short-Term Rental Management Program, where effective property management meets affordability. Our program offers comprehensive rental management and maintenance services for a flat fee of just $200 per month, plus a modest 10% of your gross rental income. As a valued client, you'll gain instant access to our exclusive network of designers, subcontractors, and vendors, ensuring your property is maintained at a premium standard at unbeatable costs. This unique combination of expert management, cost-effective pricing, and high-quality maintenance positions your property to excel in the competitive short-term rental market, making our program ideal for maximizing investment returns.

Comprehensive Property Management

Full-service management of your property, including booking, guest communication, check-in/check-out, and housekeeping.

Marketing and Promotion

Expert marketing of your property on leading rental platforms and our own channels to maximize visibility and booking potential.

Pricing Strategy

Dynamic pricing strategies to optimize rental income based on market trends, seasonality, and local events.

Guest Screening and Support

Thorough guest vetting for security and dedicated 24/7 support for both guests and property owners.

Maintenance and Upkeep

Regular property maintenance and prompt handling of any repairs or issues, ensuring your property remains in top condition.

Professional Cleaning Services

High-standard cleaning and sanitation services between guest stays, maintaining impeccable hygiene and guest satisfaction.

Customized Property Reports

Regular reporting on property performance, including occupancy rates, revenue, and guest feedback.

Local Complilance and Regulations

Assistance with local short-term rental laws and regulations, ensuring legal compliance.

Personalized Property Setup

Assistance with furnishing and setting up your property to appeal to a broad range of guests and maximize comfort.

**Fee associated. Please see the Design page for details

Revenue Management

Efficient management of income and expenses related to your property, with transparent financial reporting.

Technology Intergration

Use of the latest technology for seamless property management, including automated booking systems and guest communication tools.

Quality Assurance

Regular quality checks to ensure that your property meets our high standards for guest experiences.

Flexibility for Owners

Flexibility for property owners to use their property when needed, with easy blocking off of dates for personal use.

Experienced Staff

Access to a team of experienced professionals in hospitality and property management, ensuring expert handling of all aspects of your rental.

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