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Whiteley & Sonn's reservation services are tailored to provide travelers with a seamless and personalized booking experience. Our primary focus is to assist guests in securing their stay at one of our numerous locations, each thoughtfully selected to enhance your travel experience. We offer a specialized assistance option for those seeking a more tailored service for a nominal fee. This service is designed for travelers who book accommodations within their destination area, leveraging our extensive knowledge and firsthand locale experience.


What sets our reservation service apart is the personal touch offered by our reservation specialists. These experts don't just work in the areas you're interested in; they live there. This local insight ensures that when you book with us, you get recommendations and guidance from someone who truly knows the area, not just from someone with second-hand knowledge. Our specialists are dedicated to understanding your needs and preferences, ensuring they match you with a location that perfectly aligns with your expectations, making every trip memorable and uniquely suited to you.


Whiteley & Sonn offers an innovative approach to property management with our Guaranteed Rent Program, tailored specifically for property owners seeking financial stability and peace of mind. This program distinguishes itself by providing a fixed, regular income to property owners, regardless of their occupancy status. By choosing our Guaranteed Rent Program, you entrust us with the responsibility of your property while we ensure it remains profitable and well-maintained. This unique model is designed to eliminate the unpredictability of the rental market, offering a secure and steady revenue stream. Our commitment is to maintain your property to the highest standards, ensuring its appeal and value are consistently upheld while freeing you from the day-to-day responsibilities of property management.

In addition to our Guaranteed Rent Program, we specialize in short-term rental management, providing comprehensive services tailored to maximize the potential of your property. This service includes everything from effective marketing strategies to attract the right audience to meticulous management of guest interactions, ensuring every stay is a premium experience. Our experienced team handles all aspects of short-term rental management, including regular maintenance and prompt resolution of any issues, ensuring your property remains pristine. With Whiteley & Sonn managing your short-term rentals, you can enjoy the benefits of owning a rental property without the hassle, confident that your investment is in expert hands.

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Designer Chairs

Design & Maintenance

Whiteley & Sonn’s Design & Maintenance Service offers comprehensive design consultation and setup for short-term rental properties tailored to the market's latest trends and styles. Our focus is creating aesthetically pleasing and functional spaces that resonate with today's travelers, ensuring your property stands out in the competitive rental landscape. Our expert designers work closely with each client to understand their vision and objectives, transforming properties into inviting and stylish spaces that attract a higher volume of bookings. By aligning the design of your short-term rental with current trends, we not only enhance the guest experience but also maximize your income opportunities, ensuring your property achieves its full market potential.

Whiteley and Sonn excel in maintenance through our extensive network of skilled service providers. We have nurtured solid and long-standing relationships with a wide array of subcontractors and vendors, enabling us to offer premium pricing options that we pass along to our clients. This network ensures that maintenance services are of the highest quality and cost-effective. Whether it's routine upkeep, emergency repairs, or specialized services, our team coordinates efficiently to address your property's needs promptly and effectively. Our commitment to maintaining each property to the highest standard and our ability to leverage competitive pricing guarantees that your investment is preserved and enhanced over time.

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